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Cheap Holiday in Dubai

15 Tips for a Cheap Holiday in Dubai

Everyone loves to travel, and everyone also loves to save money. So how could “everyone” travels for less money?! Here is our guide for a cheap holiday in Dubai: 1. Avoid High Seasons Dubai is a global tourist destination where people love to travel to spend their...
things to do in dubai stopover

Best Things to Do in a Short Dubai Stopover

Dubai stopover is something you should not miss when your flight lands in Dubai for a transit stop. Below we are going to identify the best things we may do within short Dubai stopover. First of all, let us agree that Dubai is city with big number of various attractions that a...
What to Do in Dubai

What to Do in Dubai in 3 Days ?!

What to Do in Dubai in 3 Days Lately, Dubai has become one of world`s most attractive tourist destinations, and although you need long time to discover all about Dubai, we come to today with ideas for a short stay in Dubai for only 3 days. So what to Do in Dubai in 3 days ?! Day...